Podcast 200: Dave Wiskowski, Plant-Based Ultrarunner on Getting Behind Your Wheel of Life and Driving it

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Dave Wiskowski believes that we are all friends just waiting to meet each other. An experienced ultrarunner and coveted crew member, Dave exemplifies the core connectedness of the trail running community. A sport he was led to via a massive life transformation that started unexpectedly one evening when he sat down to watch a movie.

Today we dive into the story of a man who uncovered a deep desire for more in life. It was less ten years ago that Dave took the first steps towards his plant-based, uber active life of today. He moved mountain after mountain along the way making more room in his life for peace. Dave watches his mind closely and finds ultrarunning to be an essential catalyst for his continued evolution.

With each race, he fine-tunes his ability to allow “what is” without a fight. Wise to the truth that all experiences serve a purpose in our life, Dave goes after the unknown even though it scares him every single time. We caught up with Dave to record this episode on the cusp of another epic adventure. Later this week, he will depart his home in Southern California to be one of four crew members for Candice Burt’s overall FKT attempt at the 800-Mile Arizona Trail. Dave shares his excitement and fears for this journey ahead.

This conversation is sincere, and we are grateful to be connected with such a purposeful being as Dave.
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