Podcast 182: Turnip Vegan on the Three-Day Hangover that Changed his Life and Set him Free

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The dream is significant, and the evidence continues to pile up. Being the #1 vegan destination in San Diego is where the Spoiled Vegans Cafe is heading. The farthest thing from Todd Anderson’s mind, growing up in Chicago, playing basketball and drinking lots of whey protein, was owning a vegan cafe thousands of miles away. Along with his alter ego Turnip Vegan, a well-known figure on the San Diego vegan scene, Todd is making a statement downtown despite the negative chirp of naysayers.

It was the gift of a three-day hangover that prompted Todd to take ownership of his health. Although he was always active in the gym, the truth was he didn’t feel well. On that third day, he felt a fire within to seek better health. Randomly choosing to watch the documentary, Food Choices Todd set out on a pathway to health and abundance that he would never have imagined.

His story is inspiring, as it is brave. Todd gets it. He realizes there is a plan in action, and his job is to keep his eyes open for the next logical step. Todd has jumped off cliffs literally and figuratively since turning vegan. He left the security of his full-time job to go, full-time entrepreneur, and follow his heart’s calling to opening up the plant-based lifestyle to the many who are ready. 

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