Podcast 173: Taryn Spates, Author and Plant-Based Triathlete on Being Selfish to Be Selfless

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Hot off the heels of crewing for the women’s champion at Ultraman Canada, Taryn Spates joins us today for an inspiring conversation on sport and life. She gives us the inside scoop on playing the role of support for our friend Kat at this epic 3-day ultra-distance triathlon and the challenges she faced leading into the event.

Taryn is the author of “35 Before 35, A Runner’s Quest” and admits that running has always been a big part of her identity. Recently she has come up to the question that every athlete will experience if they stay in their sport long enough, which is, who are we without our sport? She shares the toughest moment of her recent navigation of injury and the importance of feeling the mucky moments of life entirely.

Taryn is a plant-based triathlete. We talk about her transition from vegetarian to vegan and the benefits that she experiences because of her nutrition choices. She shares her training and race nutrition, including her per hour caloric goals. Taryn is a positive role model for others and is not shy about talking about her struggles. She believes that we have to be selfish to be selfless and for her, that means running, and writing are musts in her life.

We are grateful for her visit to the high vibe studio and are confident you will enjoy her powerful positivity. We hope you will join us in tracking her during her upcoming performance at Ironman Wisconsin this coming Sunday, September 8th.

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Episode 173 Show Notes:

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