Podcast 172: Ask the YTS on Disaster Workouts, Nutrition Uptake for Longer Distances and Endurance Sports for Strengthening Relationships

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Once again, the YogiTriathlete community tasks us to address in-depth questions on this month’s edition of Ask the YTs. From navigating missed workouts to maximum distance training and nutrition for going longer, we dive into the logistics of what it means to be committed in our athletic endeavors. BJ and I share our experience in the world of endurance sports and how that has affected our relationship over the years. As always, we are grateful for your support in providing us the platform for quality content. Thank you for your submissions.

After several years in the making, we are excited to announce the inaugural YogiTriathlete training camp next February 6-10, 2020. After much research and thought, accentuated by my previous career as an event planner, we say with confidence that this camp is unique in its offerings and comforts. This camp will challenge you from the inside out. It will provide exposure to the high vibrational life that we celebrate every day here in sunny Southern California. Carlsbad is a paradise and training mecca; we are excited to share it with the attendees.

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Episode 172 Show Notes:

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