Podcast 141: Julie and Stephen of Jules Foods on their Journey to Going Vegan, Twice

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We are not here to change or self-evolve anyone but ourselves and the motivation to do so must come from within. We also cannot change for others and expect life-changing results. There is no other sustainable fuel for change than the fire that lies inside each one of us. Some are born aware of it and for others, it comes in time or lifetimes. Most often the biggest changes come out of pain and darkness. Perhaps these have the most staying power behind them.

Stephen and Julie turned vegan over a decade ago as an act of solidarity. Julie’s stepmother was finding a higher quality of life from eating a vegan diet while being treated for cancer. In support of her health, they shifted their diet and felt a positive difference which they never forgot. Over time, old behaviors were given life and slowly, meal by meal they fell away. They did not, however, fall off their path when they started eating animal products again. They were exactly where they were supposed to be. As beings on this journey of life, we are always exactly where we are supposed to be for our highest level of learning.

Life ensued for Julie and Stephen. They were busy restaurateurs and parents, they were in the flow of a flourishing life or so it seemed. Julie had not been feeling well for a while and although deep inside she knew that something was seriously off balance, she did not want to be sick. Avoiding the doctor’s office, avoided a diagnosis. She played this game until symptoms worsened to a point where she was left no other choice but to seek health again.

Our conversation today, tells the story of their journey from turning vegan then turning away from being vegan to becoming vegan again. They open up about Julie’s diagnosis of cancer and the hauntingly efficient pathway for care. They bring us in on an intimate level from the moment that Stephen found out that his wife was ill to the unforgettable moment when Julie faced her cancer with her own two eyes.

We are grateful that they are here today to share their incredible story and we are grateful that it brought them to the birth of Jules Foods. BJ and I have been in love with their cashew brie cheese since the first bite. They were so kind to spoil our audience with a beautiful platter at our Canyon Live Podcast event and there were so generous to take us into their trust for this episode.

I’m honored to share these beautiful people with you today. Thank you for tuning in.



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Episode 141 Show Notes:

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