Podcast 135: Goldyn Duffy on Creating Financial Peace

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Common social programmings such as money is the root of all evil and we can only make money from a stable paycheck are great disservices to our ability to align with abundance. Money is energy and bank balances are simply a reflection of our alignment with money. If what you see doesn’t make you feel good then you can decide if you are ready to dissolve the beliefs that no longer serve you.

We all have belief systems around money and they were formed at a young age. They have been solidified through our actions which create the physical evidence of our financial state. Yet it is our response to money-related situations that should be tended to closely because they are the key to recognizing and shifting the reality of our alignment.

Where the brakes really lock-in is within the amount of weight we put on that physical evidence and how that evidence makes us feel. Are we frightened about where the money will come from and are we taking action from that fright? For many of us, the answer is yes. Unfortunately, that mindset only creates more of what we don’t want which is financial scarcity.

There is no lack in the universe and abundance is more than just a bank balance, it is a state of being. Abundance is joy. Abundance is appreciation. Abundance is gratitude. Abundance is feeling good and the physical evidence of creating abundance in our lives is a better financial state.

The model of “work hard to make money” is definitely a model that works but as it states, it’s hard. There is another model that works very well, in fact, it works every time and that is alignment. It means cleaning up your inner house, facing your fears around money and healing the barriers that keep you from living a joyful, grateful, abundant life across the board.

I’m so excited to have Goldyn Duffy back in the studio today. She has lived in the flow and the scarcity of finance. Through her own deep commitment to meditation and mindful living, she has ended the patterns that do not serve her and now lives in a state of deep trust and faith that everything always works out. She shares with us her great wisdom of the abundance mindset as BJ and I take a further investigation at our early engrained belief systems.

Thank you for supporting the show. Please share this episode with everyone that you feel will benefit. So many of us are suffering every day in our relationship to money and the thing is, we have the power to start the shift right now.


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Episode 135 Show Notes:

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