Episode 375: George Greco On Planting Seeds Of Possibility & Racing Ultras At Age 75

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We are in person for this episode with San Diego running legend George Greco. And although his legendary status is well known in this area, I imagine by now that the trickle effect of George’s presence far exceeds Southern California.

George quit cigarettes for running shoes at the age of 45 after his young daughter asked him to stop smoking for her birthday. He ran his first ultra-marathon at the age of 69 and, since tying up his laces, has raced over 600 races with close to 400 1st place finishes in his age group and was ran himself just 3 seconds shy of the all-time record for his age at the well-known State Street Mile in Santa Barbara, California.

He has lived a life, hit rock bottom, woken up, and now shares his joy for life and running with all who cross his path. I was fortunate to align with this fine sir shortly after moving to San Diego, and one of the first things he said to me was, “punch me in the stomach.” If you know George, you’ve most likely been asked the same and found the same thing I did – a rock solid core on a 75-year body, a vessel he uses as a laboratory in his endless pursuit to be an experiment of one for his life.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • poet at heart
  • self-talk that pulls you away from your goal
  • finding your edge
  • George pre-running
  • time with Timothy Leary  & Ram Dass
  • moments of awakening
  • hitting rock bottom
  • better choices lead to better outcomes
  • the starting point for his running career
  • planting seeds of possibility & empowerment
  • creating more quiet
  • ultras on 20 miles per week
  • morning routine for a 75-year old
  • you gotta love the process, the journey
  • longevity
  • shithouse intuitional good fortune
  • power of curiosity


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Episode 375 Show Notes:

Ram Dass

Timothy Leary

Pikes Peak Ascent

The Five Tibetan Rites

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