Podcast 131: London Real’s Brian Rose, from Misery and Addiction on Wall Street to a Plant-Based IronMind

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Every quarter Brian Rose received his salary and watched his bank account increase. By all accounts of the American Dream, he believed in and pursued from a young age, his happiness balance should have also increased with each deposit. The opposite was true. The more money he made, the more disconnected he felt. With each increase, he received a decrease until he became so out of balance that drastic change was his only option.

Brian walked away from it all. The money, the high-roller lifestyle and everything that went along with it. He left it behind in search of what we all inherently seek, a connected and happy life. A life that Brian has since found through London Real, his new media, big risk venture that has consistently asked him to move beyond his comfort zone and hard limits. A medium where he gets to explore human connection and share the stories of “People Worth Watching”.

It was from this new twist in his career that Brian has found a life that he never dreamed he would live. One that includes a beautiful wife and two children. A life that has since transformed Brian into an endurance athlete and into one of the stars of London Real’s latest movie release, IronMind. This is where our conversation today is centered.

We dive deep and get real with Brian during this episode. From his fast lane NYC life to his cathartic Ironman journey and all that was revealed along the way. Brian is an easily relatable guy who speaks eloquently about the tough times and what he’s gained on account of the contrast in his life.

We are grateful to have been connected with Brian through a YTP listener and we are grateful to every single one of you for supporting the show. Keep living large every day and as our guest today recommends, “take more risk than you think you can manage” because the reward on the other side is never less than life-enhancing.


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Episode 131 Show Notes:

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  1. Amy Tillotson 5 years ago

    I loved listening to this podcast – and it inspired me to watch “IronMind” on YouTube. Blown away. It’s so refreshing to hear people tell their stories, and to know that we all walk the warrior path. We are not alone. We all have “that stuff” hanging over our head (like the fabled albatross) and if you don’t, are you human?

    Love the work you guys are doing to share the awake and ready life. Keep it up.

    Brian is a brave and inspiring human – as is John. Would hug them both if I could.

  2. Robbie 5 years ago

    Let the guest speak – if you want to tell your story then don’t have a guest. Missed opportunity

    • Author
      Jess 5 years ago

      Hey Robbie –
      Thanks so much for the honest feedback – your words matter and we take it all in. We’re always looking to uplevel to get better and better every day in every way.

      Stay Well, thanks for listening!

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