Podcast 108: Ellie Abrahamson Professional Triathlete for Team USA on Showing Up for the Grind and Applying Confidence Across the Board

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Every day people are waking up all over the globe. They are waking up to their truth and the reality of their life. Ellie Abrahamson is not the exception, this young pro triathlete is waking up every day to the grind of what it means to be an athlete in the developmental program of USA Triathlon. Today we get an inside look into the future of multisport.

Ellie is one year into her program, training here in Carlsbad which we have learned is a hotbed for professional triathletes, veterans, and rookies alike. She talks about her decision to choose sport over a more traditional route out of college and the moments of awakening that she has experienced around her road ahead. She shares her long-term goals with us and her secret to not getting too far ahead of herself.

This is a conversation about not giving up. It’s about showing up every day and getting the work done. It’s not all unicorns and rainbows and no matter what level we are at there will always be more mountains to climb. For Ellie, her climb is going to take her to the top because this girl has the heart and tenacity of a champion.

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Episode 108 Show Notes:

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