Podcast 107: Kimberli Weeks on No Taper Training and Dropping the Pity Party for Purpose

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Imagine training for a marathon with weekly mileage in the 60-70 mile range, no taper and speed work 20x a week. Take all that and combine it with a constant fluctuation of pace, terrain and a barrage of unexpected starts and stops. For most athletes, that would crush any hope of a confident mental game on race day not to mention a healthy body but not Kimberli Weeks. In fact, this insane training is not only her reality but it is what has allowed her mental limitations to fall away. Like so many of us, she found herself riding the highs and lows of athletic peaks and valleys until she found purpose in her pace.

One afternoon while sitting on the beach in the middle of a “poor me” pity party everything in Kimberli’s world shifted when she saw a woman running on the beach with her dog. A lifelong dog lover and competitive athlete Kimberli received an inspiration to merge her two loves. That inspiration put into action grew into her thriving business known to us lucky San Diegans as Race Pace Pups.

Kimberli is a mom, a business owner, an athlete and someone who is making a positive impact in the lives of others by simply doing what she loves. This is the epitome of what we talk about here at YogiTriathlete. Love really does heal all, it is the answer and it shows up in our lives to be paid attention to. As with all of our guests, this conversation goes deep below the surface to unearth her ability to find balance as a mom, business owner, wife, and athlete. We talk about her experience as a plant-based runner and the natural transition of her husband to finding his plant side. She also dishes on how she guides and doesn’t guide her children to finding their paths. We chat up the snowball effect of negativity and why we have no obligation nor should we apologize for ourselves.

Be who you are. Love what you do and show up to every moment is what I get out of this convo. Thank you so much for showing up to this community every week as we share the stories of people looking, finding and living their purpose with the intention that it will spark a fire that will be fed and beauty will gain space to grow.


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Episode 107 Show Notes:

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