Episode 387: Erin Carson and Lawrence Van Lingen On The Mastery Of Movement And The Free Expression Of Glute Medius

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Today, we have not one but two of the most sought-after coaches in the world.

Lawrence Van Lingen and Erin Carson have risen to legendary status in the world of endurance sports by following their curiosity and not worrying too much about what the mainstream says about mobility and strength for athletes.

Guided by intuition and strong intellects, these two coaches are staples in the lives of A-List athletes like Jan Frodeno, Rudy Von Berg, Taylor Knibb, and Paula Findlay.

Erin is making her three-peat appearance on the show today, having first come on the show back in 2018 for episode 114 and then just a few months ago for episode  373.

Lawrence first came on the show in 2019 for episode 184, which was also his first podcast ever. After recently speaking to Erin and then learning that Lawrence has left his So Cal contingency for the athletic mecca of Boulder, Colorado, we were inspired to get these two on together.

They eagerly said yes because they are amazing and love this community, and we love listening to the passion they have for everyone to realize free movement in their body.

Thank you for tuning in, and please comment to let us know how you enjoyed this episode.

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • Letting go of labels
  • A creative way of being
  • We are not all created equal
  • The drudgery of sameness
  • Being on a journey, not just solving problems
  • Memorable moments from 2023 PTO, IRONMAN and WTS racing
  • Working with Jan Frodeno in his final year of racing
  • Mastery of movement vs outcome
  • Ashleigh Gentle, Alex Yee, Rudy Von Berg, Cassandra Beaugrand
  • Why the Nice course demands presence
  • PTO’s influence on the future of triathlon
  • Relax to run fast
  • Cushioning vs compliance
  • Running is an efficiency sport
  • Taylor Knibb and Jason Pohl’s successes
  • Humans learn through play
  • Pulling tires


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