Wellness Coaching with Jess and BJ

“I can get a training plan anywhere, this is why I train with you, these weekly calls are everything. Keeping me on track in the direction I want for my life amid getting married, having a baby, changing jobs and pursuing my Ironman dreams.” – BD

We’ve always been fans of having a good pit crew, and this is a chance to have Jess and BJ work together as a team to support your overall health and wellness.

It’s not one thing; it never is. It’s everything, and although we list details below, this coaching relationship is designed to be an ever-morphing commitment to your greatest expression in this life.

Included as you desire:
– Connection with/ BJ through Training Peaks
– Physical training plan for health and longevity
– Custom mindfulness practice for daily mental training
– Goal setting and ongoing support
– Nutrition and lifestyle guidance with influences from yoga and Ayurveda (the science of the mind and the path to optimal health)
– Up to four virtual sessions/phone calls per month on any of our lifestyle services: physical training, meditation, mindset coaching, nutrition, personal yoga/mobility/strength classes
– Text support with Jess and BJ

Monthly Investment:
Three-month commitment
$575/month per person | $1075/month per couple

Six-month commitment
$500/month per person | $900/month per couple

Individual coaching with any of the inclusions above:
Coaching with BJ: $300/month

Coaching with Jess: $350/month