Wellness Coaching

“I can get a training plan anywhere; this is why I train with you; my custom program is EVERYTHING. Keeping me on track in the direction I want for my life amid getting married, having a baby, changing jobs, and pursuing my Ironman dreams.” – BD

Unlock your full potential with our wellness coaching services.

Our wellness program is thoughtfully designed for athletes seeking a refreshing break from regimented training, recovering from injury but wanting to stay fit, and individuals who may not identify as an athlete but are on a journey toward higher mental and physical health. This is the perfect option for couples looking for a heightened level of well-being together.

Unlock not only enhanced physical fitness but also foster mental well-being. Elevate your productivity, nurture meaningful relationships, and embrace an elevated state of being that radiates through every facet of your life. It’s not just about fitness; it’s a holistic journey towards your best self.

What’s Included?
Your wellness coaching is fully customized to you and your unique aspirations; faculties of your custom program may include a physical training plan for health and longevity, regularly scheduled calls to include discussion, mobility, yoga or meditation, core values/goal setting, nutrition guidance, lifestyle practices to enhance health and wellbeing.

Wellness coaching is led by Jess Gumkowski, co-founder of YogiTriathlete and our Mindset & Wellness Coach, and we also offer the opportunity to work with Jess and BJ, YT’s Head Coach, as a team – this option has a great track record for those clients whose physical fitness is the top priority.

Start your transformative wellness journey now – contact us or book a free consultation today.