Podcast 184: Lawrence Van Lingen on the Anatomy of Change and the Misconceptions of Breath

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“In order to be fluid you must not have tension, you must let it go.”
Lawrence Van Lingen

Lawrence worked for 20-years to achieve his dream. At his six-month review with Red Bull, he received carte blanche to build them a high-performance center for athletes. Money was no object.

Upon sharing this life-changing opportunity with his wife Gwen, she replied with her life-changing plan to move them from South Africa to Southern California. Although it made no sense on paper, Lawrence walked away from Red Bull and his home. Albeit kicking and screaming.

“Hard” is how he describes the transition. He was cross and resistant, yet when they landed in Laguna Beach, he couldn’t deny an energetic resonance that felt natural to him. Years later, he and his wife still call this abundant beach community their home.

A change that Lawrence did not initially embrace, he now sees as a great gift. It was one that required him to recreate and rethink everything about the way he works with athletes.

Lawrence is a well-respected, highly sought after soft tissue therapist and performance consultant. His roster of clients includes the “who’s who” of the endurance sports world. He is the founder of Innerunner, a space for people and athletes to come together to think, learn, and experience how to move better, feel better and perform better in life, sport, and work.

Lawrence is humble and wise. He is adept in the anatomy of change and the human conditions that go alongside. He has experienced the darkness and uncertainty of life and believes that it is in the calm that we remain fluid. We talk about breath, vulnerability, and the role he played in the memorable performance of Timothy O’Donnell at this year’s Ironman World Championship. There are many bundles of gold in this episode. Get your notepad out and soak it up.

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