Episode 337: LIVE At Canyon Bikes With KIS Performance

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We are excited to have you join us for this special episode from the Canyon Bikes showroom in Carlsbad, California, in front of a live audience and in the company of some spectacular athletes.

Today we come together with KIS Coaching and welcome coaches Scottie DeFilippis and Carrie Lester, whom we met in 2019 for our first live podcast at Canyon. Also with us today are three KIS Performance athletes and the stars of this episode:

*Mollie Hebda, since turning professional in 2021, has 5 top 8 finishes in the 70.3 distance, including 2- 4th place finishes just off the podium.

*Britt Vocke who turned professional in 2021, and at her first pro-Ironman race in Cozumel, came out of the water first with Carrie by her side. This year she raced herself into two top 10 finishes at Ironman.

*Sebastian Radilla, a top age group athlete, claimed 2nd in his age group at the uber-competitive Ironman 70.3 Boulder, 2nd in his age group, and 4th overall at Ironman 70.3 Santa Cruz, and just last week took the overall W at the Mission By Tri.

I could go on with their impressive stats, but I think we’d all rather hear from the guests themselves. So thank you for tuning in; we hope you enjoy the show!

In this episode we discuss:

  • the vision of KIS Coaching
  • moving from age group to professional athlete
  •  the chatter in the mind
  • benefits of having a coach
  • balancing fun and work
  • how do you know you are giving your best
  • the constant finesse of learning to race well
  • building a support system to help achieve your goals
  • benefits of group training
  • expectations suffocate athletes
  • process goals vs outcome goals
  • the unknown future of triathlon

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