Episode 319: Bill Shufelt CEO of Athletic Brewing On Making Moderation Cool Without Compromise

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Bill Shufelt is co-founder and CEO of Athletic Brewing. The first US-based beverage company focused on brewing high-quality, great-tasting non-alcoholic craft beer.

Named by Time Magazine as one of the top 100 most influential companies, Athletic Brewing was born from a dissatisfaction with the metallic tasting, watered-down non-alcoholic options on the market.

Athletic Brewing is a haven for the ever-growing sober curious trend we see, especially amongst those who hold active lifestyles and feel good as a priority in life.

With limited edition brews like Sunset Stoke, Idaho 7 Cashmere, Soul Sour, and Nature Nut, it is clear that the creative juices are flowing, and to my best guess, the stream of well-being is behind it all. Bill and his crew at Athletic Brewing are on a mission to positively impact their customer’s health, fitness, and happiness while impacting their communities and environment for the better.

As someone who loves a tasty IPA but not so much the numb cheeks, and dull mind that goes along with it, I knew when I took my first sip last year at IM 70.3 St. George that I had to find out who was behind this brew and that we had to invite them onto the podcast.

We hope you enjoy this episode. Bill’s story is incredibly inspiring for those craving something more meaningful in life!

In this episode, we discuss.

  • hops, malt, and the moment
  • the first beer feels good, not the 8th beer
  • leaving a job that no one had ever left before
  • left alcohol to fuel an endurance lifestyle
  • penalty box existence 
  • delusional optimism and confidence
  • overcoming major walls and obstacle 
  • what it takes to be grassroots in the marketing and branding
  • reflecting on the grind fondly
  • 1000 true fans
  • importance of giving back & employee ownership
  • Journey to 100 film
  • daily meditation practice
  • goal setting and gratitude
  • Two for the Trails program
  • “community first” mentality
  • Athletic Brewing Ambassador Team



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Episode 319 Show Notes:

Athletic Brewing Co.

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Two For The Trails 

Hudson Trail System

Mianus River Gorge

Journey to 100

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