YTP #32 Gro Huntington’s Jeannie Harrison on Fighting Addiction Through Urban Farming

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In this episode we bring you a willful soul with an unstoppable drive to serve others. Jeannie Harrison, along with her dream of Gro Huntington, is answering the cries of her West Virginia town. Huntington tops the country in overdose rates, three times the national average. This is a town that battles with issues of health, chronic disease and poverty. But in the darkness of these shadows Gro is shedding the light of love, community and the healing art of nurture for those in addiction recovery and community members alike who are looking for another way to cope with life’s challenges. Gro is an urban farm centered around supporting those in addiction recovery through nature assisted therapy.

Jeannie believes that connecting with the energy of the earth is vital in cultivating feelings of worthiness and qualities of steadfastness to remain on the path to recovery. Gro will be working with Marshall University’s School of Medicine to conduct research studies to show the positive effects that nature assisted therapy has on the brain. Scientific backing should ease the barriers to obtaining grant money and funding not only for Gro but future “Gro-like” communities across the country.

Jeannie is vocal about being fed up with felon disenfranchisement and her determination to remove the stigma associated with addiction recovery. Gro’s pilot program “Beginnings” launching in January 2016 will not only educate participants in the practices of farming but also assist them in navigating the social dishonor related to addiction and help them regain their social capital. By introducing new coping mechanisms, Jeannie believes Gro’s participants will bring more health into their lives and make a significant impact on the revitalization of Huntington as a city.

From a young age Jeannie was ready to change the world and she is willing to fight for what she believes in, nothing will keep her down. She is everything that the world needs more of and we’re so honored to being her story to the YT community. Please share the episode with your friends and family through your social outlets and help us spread the good word of our guests by leaving a review on iTunes. We appreciate every time you tune into the YTP, we know you have a choice and we are in deep thanks of your support.



Episode 32 Show Notes:

Get Involved: Gro Huntington: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

VIDEO: Gro Huntington – An Urban Healing Farm

Donate: Gofund.me/Gro

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