Week #19 Ironman Training

Week #19 Ironman Training
May 12, 2014 Jess

I can really feel it now.  The fitness is settling in.  Big weekend workouts with strong finishes and solid recoveries. I am 5 weeks out from the Patriot half and I feel like I could do it today with no problem. Placid is a different story, as it should be at this point but with 11 weeks to go I’m wearing a semi-perma-smile.  Beej and I will be racing together, relatively speaking of course.  We will start the swim side by side and although the next time I see him won’t be until the run just knowing that we’re out there together is a deep source of strength for both of us.  Things are getting real now and I’m starting to see light at the end of the tunnel.  Race season is getting closer and even though I’m getting very excited, I plan to savor each moment of my remaining preparation.

The beauty of knowing the Lake Placid racecourse so well is that I am able to visualize different sections during my training. When I swim at the pool, I turn to breath and see the mountains, the treetops and the amazing sunrise to one side. To the opposite side I envision the stone church, lake front hotels and the window to the room where I arose just a few hours prior.

As I ride my bike, I am constantly sniffing out the local hills and when I find one, I am suddenly cresting one of the long ascents on Placid’s no joke bike course.  As I descend I relax into a state of trust and visualize the mammoth and sometimes-sketchy descent towards the beginning of the race.

My runs these days are for practicing mantras, staying focused and quiet in my mind.  Envisioning the beautiful River Road and its long, lonely rolling miles.  A place on the course where much carnage may be found and the death march is ever present.  For me, it’s the place to go deep and tap into my divine power.  I’ve been readying myself for the brutally steep hill back into town by hitting a short, difficult climb at the end of every run with full embrace.

People often tell me that I’m a glutton for punishment choosing such a difficult course but I’ve always been drawn to the hills.  There is a magnificent power to be found in the mountains and I will pull upon that many times throughout my day. I am confident that I am stronger than ever before and believe wholeheartedly in the powerful contributions that my meditation and yoga practice have provided this season. Adios week 19 you were good to me but it’s time to move on.


Week #19 Recap

1600 yd swim
60 min heated vinyasa
1hr 40 min BST ride
25 min z3/z2 T run
3000 yd swim
45 min tabata ride
55 min hill repeat run
75 min heated vinyasa


2600 yd swim
4hr z2/z3 ride
30 min z2 run
1hr 30min progression run
75 min heated vinyasa




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