Week #16 Ironman Training

Week #16 Ironman Training
April 21, 2014 Jess

As I sit here on Monday morning, streaming the Boston Marathon I’d be remiss not to mention the waves of emotion that I’m experiencing.  It’s not the 26.2 miles but the human spirit that arises from those miles.  The will to push on to the finish and the stamina to stand on the sidelines and cheer. Its a long day for everyone but there is an undeniable oneness that emerges from events like this that reminds me of our divine interconnectedness.  The sheer love for another and the want for the success of all no matter what their speed, career choice, political stance, faith, pro or amateur status.

I have found the same undeniable oneness in triathlon that I am seeing in Boston today.  I am coming up on 10 years in the sport and I continually experience a support system that I have found no other place.  It is a place in my life where I’ve seen the most compassion and care for others, it’s where I have found and given undying support and unconditional love without hesitation.  I have shared some of the most special and unforgettable moments of my life with people I will never see again. I have been shown the absolute beauty that lies within each one of us.

Many times I’ve been asked the question of why I train for triathlon.  My old answer used to be about how far I could push myself and my desire to see if I had limits but my answer has changed over the years.  I have seen how far I can push myself, it’s far.  I’ve tested my limits and found that there simply are none. For me now, it’s about that divine love amongst strangers, the oneness that I am seeing on the faces of the fans and runners in Boston who have one goal in mind for everyone out there today, to safely cross the finish line.

Sure, running for 26.2 miles is crazy especially after swimming 2.4 and riding 112 but for me it’s about something far greater than the physical.  It’s about the human spirit and the love that is who we truly are at our core.  The love that I see emerge on days like today and what I will surely see in Lake Placid on July 27th.  It’s the people that inspire me to train each day and to smile back when things get tough.  To be graceful in times of challenge and grateful for all who help me along the way.  So thanks Boston, for the inspiration, the reminder and the love that is in the air today.

Week #16 Recap

60 min heated vinyasa
1hr 30 min z2 ride
20 min recovery run
1600 yd swim
60 min heated vinyasa
52 min z2 run
1hr 48 min z2 ride


1600 yd swim
60 min z2 run
60 min vinyasa yoga
3hr 15 min z2 ride
60 min recovery ride
1hr 22 min z2 run


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