Podcast 91: John Abate on Being a Fierce Competitor with Right Intention and Right Action

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With too much weight on his body and too much drinking in his life, John Abate hopped on his messenger bike and started moving his body. A few miles turned into more and over time with consistency and awareness, John pedaled his way to the active and cleaned up version of the life he experiences today.

His discovery of cycling opened up so many doors for John. Camaraderie, mentorship, competition, purpose, deep healing and forgiveness on a level that left those closest to him in disbelief. With the addition of mindfulness and meditation, there is no limit to where he will take his sport because, as all of us who walk the warrior path know, spirituality is endless.

John reveals to us his pathway to finding meditation and the recovery that allowed him to start living his life fully. He goes into detail about the hit-and-run accident that left John broken in just about every part of his body and one that doctors say most likely would have taken his life had he not been so physically fit.

We go deep during today’s conversation and although John repeatedly lets us know that he’s had no formal training, his wisdom is deep and we are grateful that he shares it so generously.

Co-founder of JoJe’ Bars with YTP guest Jess Cerra, John applies his mindfulness practices not only to his sport but also his business. He sees the natural transcendence of a mindful life not only to benefit certain aspects of life but as a complete blueprint for life. In addition to John’s personal story, our chat weaves in big concepts such as the delusion of time, the cumulative effects of meditation, the importance of compassion and empathy for athletes, mindfulness as it applies to business and why the end goal is not present moment awareness.

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