Podcast 90: Ask The YTs – Going Deep On The Mental Game

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We live in an ever-changing world within an ever-changing body. It could be argued that as humans we are hardwired for change yet so often the act of change is so heavily resisted. Change forces us to shift our vision and requires us to be flexible. It asks us to lighten up the grip of our vision and welcome in new opportunities. Many times these new opportunities come in the form of the unknown and without a mind that well-versed in transformation, the unknown can bring about feelings of fear. Fear can breed anger, frustration, and disbelief in oneself. All of which are detrimental to an athlete’s performance.

BJ and I come together to discuss the importance of training our minds and regaining our ability to live fully. In short, we go deep. We talk about how to strengthen belief in ourselves and how to strengthen our will to be strong in the face of adversity. We consider the two kinds of fear and how one can keep us from the limitless experience that is our divine right.

This conversation comes on the heels of completing our third M21 Challenge and seeing the profound changes within this community. Athletes are effortlessly translating their work on the meditation cushion to their sport and reconstructing their relationship to past stumbling blocks. These M21 communities have created a powerful movement that is changing the world. If this episode speaks to you please join us for the next M21 Challenge beginning Monday, February 5th.

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Episode 90 Show Notes:

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