Podcast 77: Ask the YTs Catching Up, Hot Tub Transitions and 50k Prep

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Catching up this month on Ask the YTs and answering listener questions. The tribe is growing and we are taking our offerings to the next level in order to serve this community to its highest good. We appreciate you all continually pushing us to step up and with that, we talk today about our new High Vibe Retreats and the launch of the Mindful Living for the Modern World: 21-Day Challenge which is open for registration now. We dive into a few listener questions about transition stories from our years in triathlon as well as how to prepare for a 50k run.

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Episode 77 Show Notes:

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M21 Challenge: Mindful Living for the Modern World – REGISTER TODAY

Ironman Santa Rosa

Mendocino 50K

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  1. Greg Arius 6 years ago

    Loved this show.
    Legit high vibe.

    Would love to join the meditation group.

    Ask YT:
    What do you think of Wim Hof,
    Herbert Benson / Tumo
    and Kundalini?

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