Podcast 75: Kona Edition, YTP Guests Race World Championship on the Big Island

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Today we honor the five YogiTriathlete podcast guests who raced the Ironman World Championship this past Saturday. Each one of them crossed the finish line safely after a long, hot 140.6-mile day.

A lifelong competitive swimmer Brittany Friedrich was well on her way to Kona glory just missing the ROKA “First Out of the Water” win at her first Ironman in Lake Placid 2016. Growing up in the Adirondacks she knew this course better than the back of her hand. She returned in 2017 to clinch 2nd place in her age group and her Kona qualification that led her to the big island and her first World Championship finish.

John Joseph McGowan dedicates his life to clean living, Ironman triathlon and assisting those less fortunate in the world. A well-known vegan activist John journeyed to his 2nd World Championship this year while raising money for the Children’s Tumor Foundation in the name of his good friend Alexander. John reports that he had a rough time out there this year but with Alexander on his mind along with his impenetrable “Positive Mental Attitude” (PMA) the finish line was nothing less than mandatory.

Billy Hafferty left it all out there last year in Cozumel taking 2nd place in his age group and earning his first Kona qualification. This was a dream of Billy’s and his race in Cozumel was his last chance shot as he considered letting go of his big island dream if he didn’t qualify in Mexico. With all things meant to be, his dream did come true and he saw it through just a few days ago with an impressive 10:07:18 finish.

In this field of dreamers is Troy RGC, an elite competitor well on his way to athletic greatness. His intense drive, discipline and natural ability to stay in flow makes this competitor a champion any day of the week. We were with Troy when he qualified at Ironman Santa Rosa earlier this year where he won his age group and finished 2nd overall. Troy landed himself in 9th place in his age group in Kona this year with a screaming fast 9:23:21.

This brings us to the veteran of the group, Susanne Davis she has been in the sport of triathlon for over 20 years and Saturday was her 7th Kona finish. She has claimed world records and world champion status in her career and although this year was not the race she envisioned it was her best and she came through the finish line with nothing but gratitude and class. Susanne placed top 20 in her age group and claimed the ROKA first out of the water title earlier in the day.

This is our tribute to these YogiTriathlete guests and everyone who towed the line on Saturday to realize their dreams and inspire others along the way.



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