Podcast 251: Laura Townsend Ultrarunner & Race Director Is Living Off The Front With No Excuses

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Laura Townsend is a mother of FIVE, a race director, and an ultra runner who is set to complete fifty ultras before the time she turns fifty years old. She is the creator of Survivorfest, a 24-hour running event that raises money for the Saffron Centre, a sexual assault support center in Alberta, Canada.

A survivor of sexual abuse herself, Laura no doubt living her purpose as she no longer carries the burden of her secrets but is successfully transmuting evil into goodness through sharing her story and being in service of others who have walked the same dark path.

We are honored that she is with us for this episode and hope you enjoy this meaningful and inspirational story of life.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • choosing running over triathlon
  • getting hooked in to Paula Findlay
  • from hating running to finding a love for running
  • it’s all about layers
  • frustrations and life-changing benefits of heart rate training
  • 450 plus day run streak
  • fifty ultras before the age of fifty
  • survivorfest ultra marathon
  • living off the front
  • making peace with the past
  • and she loves yoga!

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