Podcast 249: Renee Kiley, Professional Triathlete Reminds Us It’s Never Too Late to Start

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We get super jazzed about sharing meaningful conversations with people looking, finding, and living their purpose, and this episode is no different.

Today we have Renee Kiley on the show, a once pack-a-day smoker who worked and partied hearty for many years before transforming her life and becoming a professional triathlete in less than 3.5 years.

Renee was an active child; she honed in on basketball and played on the state and national level. Dedication and discipline were not her weaknesses, but she channeled those strengths towards a workaholic life that left her fitness in the dust for over a decade.

Her health was steadily declining until one day in 2013 when she spectated at the Noosa Triathlon, and a fire ignited that would not extinguish.

We love this story and hope you enjoy a listen!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • smoothie bowls make everything right again
  • the detriment of having to be in control
  • escalation of an unhealthy lifestyle
  • the “gift” of an addictive personality
  • waking up feeling like an ashtray
  • the life-changing experience at the Noosa triathlon
  • saying “yes” to find your passion
  • the inspiration for turning professional
  • pushing yourself to come in last
  • its harder when you don’t expect it to be hard
  • motivation is a consequence of life being good
  • ten-star moments in life

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