Podcast 246: Skye Moench, Professional Triathlete Is Committed To Living Her Best Life Everyday

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Skye Moench left her full-time job to follow a belief that she could be good at triathlon. It has proven to be one of her best decisions yet.

Her first year as a professional was 2016, but it wasn’t until 2018 that she started to feel that she was beginning to tap into her potential. Over the past few years, she gained much familiarity around the podium and put her name on the map in lights when she took the win in Frankfurt and was named the 2019 European Ironman Champion. She followed up that memorable day with a win at Boulder 70.3 some five weeks later. 2019 was no doubt a dazzling year for Skye, and it set her up to land a 2020 PTO ranking of 10th in the world amongst her peers.

Her resume is impressive, but for us, it was her energy that captured our attention. We followed her race at the Bear Lake Brawl last year and listened to her share her story with Bob Babbitt just days before claiming a 6th place finish at Challenge Daytona, which was arguably the most competitive field we’ve ever seen in the sport. 

We hope you enjoy this episode and give Skye a follow if you are not already; her energy is contagious.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • using willpower to get out of a funk
  • racing the Oscars of triathlon
  • living the best you can with what you have
  • rough conditions at Bear Lake Brawl
  • how PTO has impacted professional triathlon
  • remembering your “why” in the face of rejection
  • the need for wake-up calls in life
  • training based on “feel”
  • the value of training in community
  • the importance of nutrition for attaining big goals
  • the power of being well-fueled and in a good mental state
  • being your own biggest cheerleader

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