Podcast 210: Michelle Vesterby, Professional Triathlete on Being the Master of her Success

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Once we know what we don’t want, then we know what we do want. If we focus on what we can’t do, then we are missing what we can do. If we focus on what we don’t want and can’t do, our happiness will forever be limited.

These are choices that we get to make many, many times a day. With each passing moment of our life, we have the free will to choose what we focus on. If we decide to focus on what we can be grateful for then, we will expand gratitude in our life. If we allow dissatisfying feelings to move through us without the indulgence of the story they are demanding to tell, we will shift out of the darkness with more ease. As we choose consciously about where we are directing our focus, it will be more natural for us to choose happiness. It’s a muscle, and we must flex it.

Professional triathlete, Michelle Vesterby lives by her motto “Keep Smiling” because she knows that she can always find a reason to smile. Even as she recalls the dark days of her ITU career, Michelle can see how it brought her to find a love for Ironman. This early part of her career was a time when she felt that she didn’t have a choice. She was a reserve athlete on the team and his position did not feel aligned with her heart.

Today we find Michelle shining brightly in the Ironman world as the well-known smiling Dane. Mom to Markus and wife to Claus, Michelle shares how life has shifted over the years and the profound influence that her mom has played in her life. We talk about how to pursue the best version of ourselves, the importance of moving from our gut feeling, and the burn she is feeling to beat her 4th place in Kona.

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