Podcast 198: Gabby Troconis and Rusty Perez of EvrBottle on Mindful Minimalism and Risking It All Now

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There was no plan, no business strategy, and no rush. It is in the present moment that Gabby Troconis and Rusty Perez built not only their business but their lives together. Bringing as many people along with them through community support, these two creators are no strangers to the scary stuff. They are willing and ready to risk it all now because there is no better time to live our purpose in this life.

Owners of EvrBottle, Gabby and Rusty, are on a mission to achieve sustainable consumption and end single-use. They have created a space where everything gets a second chance. They combine their artistic abilities with their love for Mother Earth. They create products that are 100% recycled and 100% handmade with love. Upcycling is their passion because upcycling protects the environment, reduces our footprint, and uses less energy than creating a new product.

They have taken risks and learned along the way. Today, they teach others with intention. They believe that every drop in the pond creates a ripple, and someday, these ripples will all come together. Their energy is contagious and in this episode, we share an honest conversation with two beautiful souls.

Relationships, self-reflection, mindful consumption, and living without attachment are just a few of the life-transformative topics we discuss today. The fact is, anything and everything can be taken from us in a moment, including our own lives. The question they leave us with is, why not live NOW, for the NOW, and because of the NOW?

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