Podcast 179: Jessica and Davin Waite: Courageous, Boundary Pushing Restaurateurs on Jumping Off Cliffs

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It just takes one spark to set fire to a dream. For Jessica and Davin, it was only about two years ago that their latest and arguably, most significant project was born. The Plot, a plant-based, zero-waste restaurant soon to open in South Oceanside, is the product of their willingness to start the conversation.

Jessica is an ethical vegan who married her omnivore love, Davin, and together the two are jumping off cliffs to live their dream. A path that consistently asks them to step out of their comfort zone so they can continue to push boundaries. The core belief that has carried them through the ebbs and flow of entrepreneurship is that the universe will provide.

They have trust in the unknown and an unwavering belief that there is something powerful out there that is on our side. This belief may well be the difference between those who succeed at living their dream and those who paralyze in fear.

Jessica and Davin are walking the warrior path with fast and sure-footed feet. They are well into their journey to assist us in creating a better world. Thank you for tuning in, and thank you for contributing to Patreon. There are well over 100 exclusives for our community supporters.

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