Podcast 175: Lynne Rey of MV Timbalero on Taking Risks to Live a Life of Purpose and Adventure

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Meet the Rey’s. Tony, Lynne, Sydney, Oliver, and Sophia. These guys are a divinely organized clan of explorers who live the rich itinerary of life with gusto. Fueled by Tony’s long-term career in professional sailing, the Rey family has embraced and let go in order to allow for a gorgeous life of adventure to emerge.

They are connected deeply with one another, and when life began to communicate via multiple calendars, they knew they had stepped away from their core. By letting go of stereotypes and social programming, Tony and Lynne embarked on what is their now their normal. The Rey’s live part of the year in Newport, RI and spend the other months aboard MV Timbalero, a Huckins 53 Atlantic yacht they so gratefully call their home on the water.

A large piece of this life is Lynne’s commitment to education. Through their travel-based learning at home, onboard and abroad, Oliver and Sophia are gaining more knowledge and skill through experiential living than most will their entire lives. Collectively, the Rey’s are Citizens of the World. They believe that being in the energy of giving is a crucial part of a well-lived life. They call themselves “Sea Team” and are making a significant impact on the health of our oceans and marine life. 

Lynne blows away all misconceptions and lack of understanding when it comes to homeschooling practices. Their beautiful life is a result of following their hearts and not always thinking things through. She shares with us how meditation has not only shifted her life but is a skill that her children consider to be the “go-to” when life gets intense.

Tony and Lynne live of the front which keeps them full speed ahead in living a passion-fueled life. They know that what is best for their hearts and relationship is what is best for their children. This type of living takes bravery and strength. Two qualities steeped in the energy of love which is the lifeblood of this powerful family unit. 

Here’s a little more about each of these citizens of the world:

Tony:  Tony started sailing at 7 years old, Tony raced sailboats throughout his youth and through college, turning what he loves to do into a career. 

He’s been involved in 3 America’s Cup teams (NZ 1998-2000, NZ 2001-2003, SPAIN 2005-2007) and multiple Olympic campaigns (STAR, coach for women’s Yngling team 2000, 2004).

Tony has Whitbread around the world race and Volvo Ocean race experience, and continues racing in a circuit of Maxi-Yachts, mini-yachts, and other International Racing in various campaigns. Tony runs his own company, Cloud10 Racing where he locates and manages boats and crews for regattas all over the world. For him, it’s all about putting great people together and having memorable experiences on the water. Tony is also a partner with Doyle Sails North American/International (NZ) team and a US Sailing board member.

Lynne:  An unexpected, but eager! single mother at age 24, I had some big decisions to make early in life. I could have moved home to Indiana, but chose to build a life in a town I loved (without any family or friends) in Newport, RI. I worked multiple jobs and started my own graphic design co. at age 26 in 1992. Tony and I met in 1995 and married in 2000. Sophia and Oliver were born in 2003, 2005 and Tony formally adopted Sydney in 2007. Our life together has been a non-stop series of adventures, every single one of which has challenged (and continues to challenge!) my fears and self-imposed limitations. Our relationship is built on friendship, love and respect for each other and we feel that is the foundation for our ability to have great adventures, travel with and homeschool our kids. Each year, we live approximately 6 mos traveling and 6 mos at home in Newport RI. We live on our 53′ Huckins TIMBALERO about 4 months of every year.

Sydney: education: partially homeschool, mostly private school in USA, Spain and NZ. Graduated Northeastern University with a dual degree in Linguistics and English. Sydney speaks multiple languages and is currently preparing to attend Grad School at the University of London for Linguistic Research.

Sophia: Homeschooled since grade 5, now in grade 10, is a high level jr. Sailor in the 420 and Laser classes. Sails and plays volleyball for Rogers High School. Current academic interests are Foreign Language, Marine Biology and Environmental Science and plans to major in these at the University level.

Oliver: Homeschooled since grade 3, now in grade 8, is a passionate baseball player. Oliver plays for and trains with multiple teams, including 4-weeks of training in Valencia Spain and played for 7 different teams this past year. Baseball is his number one sport and a healthy obsession. Oliver’s goal is to play baseball in High School and College.

We are so honored to share this fantastic family with you all. We are on a mission to create a better world. Sharing stories like this one is so inspiring that we know many of you will take action in your life because of it. This is the trickle effect for which we intend.

Namaste –

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