Podcast 169: Gerry Rodrigues of Tower 26 on Swimming for the Sport of Triathlon and Feeding the Wolves of our Minds

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Gerry Rodrigues started swimming in the open water 50 years ago. He has over 100 open water titles and is one of the most experienced swim coaches of our time. He is the founder of Tower 26, a coaching empire that focuses on preparing triathletes to be race-ready. In this episode, he gives us the keys to the kingdom by sharing his well-informed experiential wisdom on swimming for the sport of triathlon.

Gerry understands the needs of the triathlete and the distinct differences between what triathletes bring to the water as opposed to swim-focused athletes. He believes that it is the job of a triathlon coach to calculate the best use of time for their busy triathletes by using swim training sets that maximize time and sport-specific benefits.

The physical is not the only thing we chat about in this episode. We also dive into the subject of doubt and Gerry’s experience with feeding the wolves of our minds. He assures us all that both light and dark days are normal for every human being. Gerry is a wealth of information and a confident voice that brings clarity to an arena of much confusion.

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Episode 169 Show Notes:

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