Podcast 163: Ask the YTs on Defining Success, Finding Life’s Purpose and Fueling for Optimal Performance

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Once again, you guys challenge us to go deep and authentically share our philosophies of life and sport. Today’s installment of Ask the YTs covers life purpose, the definitions of success, pre-race food, training nutrition, and flexibility in our race preparations when unplanned life situations put a halt to training. Plus, bonus insight into the upcoming Awake Minds Costa Rica Retreat with Jess, which will take place on April 4-11, 2020.

It’s not about what happens in our life; it’s how we respond. We can set high goals for ourselves, but without paying attention to how we are moving through the world, those goals may get sabotaged through our blocks and blind spots. We live in a body temple and fueling this temple as it were a temple would remove so much suffering from our training and racing experiences. It is the what, when, and how to fuel our temples, then applying that knowledge that moves us forward on our trajectory to success. Our entire life experience is just one big piece, every thought affecting every action affecting every manifestation in life. Paying particular attention while we train, race, work, parent, live and connect with others is our most influential guide to finding purpose in each moment while fulfilling the collective goal to live our most authentic selves.

Thank you for caring, being a part of and supporting the YogiTriathlete community. We are grateful to each one of you who show up each week to soak in more purpose and presence into your life. Don’t just want to be the change you wish to see, be the change. Match the frequency of the change you desire, and your most successful life will no longer elude you. Your most successful life will become your norm, and this is how we create a better world.

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Episode 163 Show Notes:

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