Podcast 161: Nick Isabella on Fitness for Life, Photography and Dropping the Safety Net

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Hot off a killer workout, today we bring you, Nick Isabella. Nick is a Lifestyle and Fitness Photographer that actually, does a lot of fitness. He is an Ironman triathlete, course record holder ultrarunner and professional photographer who may be ready to let go of his last thread of safety and follow his dreams full-bore.

Par for the course, we have lots of fun during this chat, and we also dive deep. We get under the covers and discover what it may be that has kept him from going “all in” as of yet. Nick shares insight into fitness as a lifelong endeavor, his wisdom on flow, and the importance of presence in creating the best possible end product. He’s well on his way to living his dreams and already has so many signs from the universe that he is on the right track.

His passion for his work is palpable, and we got to experience that first hand earlier this spring when we spent the day with Nick during our recent YogiTriathlete photoshoot. Nick generously shares his beautiful art with the world via his website and social media outlets so definitely put him on your list to follow.

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Episode 161 Show Notes:

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