Podcast 130: Julie Moss, Ironman Legend on Holding on to Self-Worth and Owning the Hard Stuff

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In February 1982 on the big island of Hawaii, a young graduate student by the name of Julie Moss showed the world what it means to never give up. Having entered the Hawaii Ironman as a means to complete her graduate school thesis and finish up her degree, Julie never dreamed that she would find herself in the lead that day.

She held her position strong until the final half mile when signs of severe dehydration began to set in. Eventually, her body gave out on her with just yards to go and she collapsed to the ground. What ensued became athletic history and made Julie a legend in the sport of Ironman triathlon.

In this episode, Julie describes a moment of surrender when she didn’t feel she could make it another inch and then the immediate wave of willful energy that came over her to get up and move. From this will, she was able to get to her hands and knees and crawl herself down the shoot and over the line. These moments are emblazoned in the sport Ironman triathlon and proof to us all that anything is possible.

Julie is famous for that crawl and even named her book, Crawl of Fame, after her iconic experience but there is so much more to Julie than those last few yards of the race. Thirty five years later she is still competing in triathlon, she is a dedicated yogi, a mom and a woman on a mission to serve more in her life. We dive into all of this in today’s episode and we are so grateful that you are decided to tune in and support the show.


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Episode 130 Show Notes:

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