Podcast 110: Ironman Boulder Smackdown with Coach BJ & Troy on Racing Hard and Smart

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On June 10th, Boulder, Colorado delivered a classic Ironman kind of day. Temperatures well into the nineties during high pollen season, a newly unveiled and arguably, tougher bike course than previous years, little to no shade and just enough false flats to make the untrained mind go crazy. Hands down this course is the real deal and today we get real in our 140.6 smackdown with competitors Troy and Coach BJ.

Both of these guys stood strong in the face of aversion. Each struggling in different parts of the day but rising above in their resolve to not quit and leave it all on the course. Literally, BJ crossed the finish line and immediately collapsed. Totally unresponsive, he was wheeled away from the finish and into the med tent where he was revived with a bag pf magic intravenous fluid. Troy swallowed his blows and fought his biggest battle during the marathon. This was the first time he experienced such a fight and it gave him a chance to live out his mantra to “be relentless”.

Troy and BJ are masters of adjusting to the fluctuating circumstances that come during the course of an Ironman. They are not immune to panic or doubt and in this episode you will hear how they navigate their way to success. Not only do these two race hard but they race smart. A combination that is an art based in experience and mental focus. There are many takeaways in this show for athletes of all levels and we are certainly grateful that you have chosen to have a listen.


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Episode 110 Show Notes:

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