Episode 403: IRONMAN Race Announcer, Triathlete and Podcast Host Joanne Murphy

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Joanne Murphy is among the most sought-after race day announcers worldwide, but she is so much more than her beautiful brogue articulation.

Joanne is a long-time triathlete and cyclist, founder of the all-female Galway Baybes cycling team, Global IRONMAN Women For Tri Ambassador, host of the popular Tri Talking Sport podcast, and a woman who leaped in 2016 to follow her dream to work full-time in the arena of sport; a career launched from a fractured pelvis that she now considers one of the silver linings of her life.

Originally from Cork but now based in Galway in the West of Ireland, she is a recognized voice on the IRONMAN finish line in Ireland and the UK. And was the first ever female voice to grace the IRONMAN World Championship announcing team.

She is an inspiration to many, as it seems there is no end to her energy. However, I think she’ll share with us today just how intense and exhausting being a race announcer can be, especially stepping in as lead announcer at the 2023 World Championship in Kona, a day dedicated to women accomplishing their dreams.

Pop in your earbuds and get ready to enjoy the boundless enthusiasm of Joanne Murphy.

In this episode:

  • Why Lucy Charles Barclay drove 90-minute round trip to swim practice
  • Schedule training on your calendar
  • Her triathlon journey
  • Taking the leap
  • How injury launched her career
  • Solution energy
  • Best Race: IRONMAN Wales
  • Slay the dragon
  • The pressure of race-announcing.
  • Intense. Immense. Incredible.
  • Giving the winner the same energy as the final finisher
  • Nice World Championship course – take your spot!
  • Managing comparison energy.
  • How she cares for her voice.
  • Why Lucy Charles Barclay woke up early and drove far for swim practice.

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Episode 403 Show Notes:

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