Episode 399: Professional Triathlete Laura Siddall – Ringing The Bell At The Bottom Of The Earth

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As the YogiTriathlete podcast enters into its 8th year of broadcasting, we want to have a pause and thank each one of you for tuning in and supporting the show. We have seen many meaningful conversations unfold on this channel over the years, and we have no plans of stopping soon. Here’s to an incredible year ahead for all. Thank you for listening to this episode. In Gratitude – Jess and BJ


Professional Triathlete Laura Siddall shares the mic with Jess and BJ today to smackdown her amazing win at Patagonman Xtreme Tri. Not only did she take the women’s win, but she was second overall. Another example that women are truly thriving within the extreme triathlon world.

So much has shifted since Laura raced her first Ironman as an age grouper in 2009, in the sport and her life, but what has stayed the same is her ability to grasp the W on race day.

This conversation concludes an intense year of life for Laura, having begun with a terrible biking accident and then coming out on top at the bottom of the earth just last month. This conversation is a blast, we hope you enjoy the show.

In this episode:

  • pro-triathlete nomad lifestyle
  • Working with Lawrence VanLingen
  • Turning the corner on injury
  • The triathlon at the end be of the world
  • Team aspect for Xtreme Tri
  • Race breakdown
  • Water temperature report: “It’s really F(&$ing Cold”
  • How she stayed warm
  • Women level the playing field at Xtreme Tri events
  • Overthinking never gets us anywhere
  • When all can do is nothing, what do you do?
  • Knitting stress
  • Blessings
  • Ironman World Championship – Nice, France 2024

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Episode 399 Show Notes:
Connect with Laura – Instagram | Website

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