Podcast 69: Monica Davern, M.D., on Tapping into Values and the Healing Powers of a Vegan Diet

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Our bodies are always organizing towards health, even when that doesn’t seem to be so. The inherent wisdom that lies within the wiring of our physicality is one that zealously pursues the path of healing. I don’t believe there are limits to the level of health we can achieve in these amazing vehicles called bodies and I do believe that a foundational piece of our success is determined by the food we eat.

Every time we make a food choice, whether that be for ourselves, our families or our children, that choice has a direct effect on health levels. If we fill our bodies with or prepare foods that are not of the highest vibration we make our bodies work that much harder on its path to healing. Overtime it’s pursuit to health will be slowed as it reprioritizes healing to stave off illness and disease to its best ability.

Our guest today is on the front lines of the pathway to health and she’s dealing directly with the future of our world. Dr. Monica Davern is a Resident Pediatrician at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland in the Bay Area. She is a living example of health for her patients as she is an active triathlete, despite her demanding work schedule, and she is 100% plant-based. She sees the effects of poor nutrition every day and educates her patients and their parents on how to heal so many of the common issues in our youth today. Chronic abdominal pain, asthma, obesity, and constipation to name a few, all have deep routes in nutrition.

Monica has a skill of connecting with people and sharing her message of health by finding out what’s important to them. She meets her patients where they are at and lends a guiding hand to empower them to make simple changes that lead have a great impact not just on the children but the entire family unit.

She has seen this first hand with her husband, Jesse and soon to be Ironman who once had to abort a couch shopping mission because sitting down and getting up left him in a sea of pain and inflammation. Monica feels that going plant-based together has strengthened them as a couple.

Monica serendipitously walked into our lives at Ironman Santa Rosa 70.3 earlier this year and it was an instant friendship. We are so honored to share her wisdom and experience with you guys today. If you enjoy the show please leave a review on Apple Podcast. If you’re interested in helping us lengthen the life of this podcast please consider making your pledge on our Patreon page, we are building out that page each week with exclusive and early release content including two recipes from our upcoming cookbook.

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  1. Monica Davern 1 year ago

    Avoid this horrible doctor { Monica Davern ) at all costs! Do your research online she has horrible reviews as an pediatric doctor. We had the unfortunate experience of having to deal with her at the Colorado Children’s Hospital in Highlands Ranch. She was very unprofessional ! she has horrible bedside manners. She was frustrated because our daughter and was crying due to a fever, she very aggressive with our 1yr old daughter !. We repeatedly told her to not be so rough and she continued to be aggressive enough so we had to end the visit and just leave.

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