Episode 384: OH Show On Senior Quotes, Our New Wellness Coaching Program And Ironman Nice

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When YogiTriathlete first came to be over two decades ago, it was “The YogiTriathlete.” There was always something that felt limited about the name as we both knew YogiTriathlete was meant to serve many.

Years later, we dropped the first word, and it became a business in 2016, but even before this, we had many followers who did not identify as athletes but very much felt aligned with the community. This has continued and serves to remind us that YogiTriathlete is more than sport.

It’s a recipe for life that hits all the bases: body, mind, and spirit.

And so, after many years, we are thrilled to announce our Wellness Coaching offering, which brings physical movement, mental health, and vibrant nutrition together as you wish in a supportive relationship that is meant to transform and grow.

It’s become obvious that it is a fantastic option for athletes who want to take a break from traditional sport specific training or are healing from something in their life but want to remain in good health and wellbeing. We talk about this new coaching option towards the end of today’s show.

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • going against the grain
  • we’ll get knocked down until we say “no more”
  • going in when the energy outside intensifies
  • memories and finding truth
  • what is unacceptable in others is actually unacceptable in us
  • our senior quotes
  • vocalizing struggles reduces the hold they have on us
  • becoming the master of your response
  • IM World Championship in Nice – reflections
  • takeaways from BJ’s Ironman 70.3 Santa Cruz
  • BJ’s process to create race stategy
  • running pain free
  • introducing wellness coaching
  • Awake Athlete season 4 podcast is coming!
  • Next stop: Malibu Triathlon and Super League


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Episode 384 Show Notes:

NEW WELLNESS COACHING: Check out the details here

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