Podcast 191 – Chris Thornley of Squirrel’s Nut Butter on the Circle of Five and the Anti-Chafe Life

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There is a purpose to everything in this life. When we practice paying attention to where we are at any given time, we open to the truth of this statement. Through presence, we make ourselves available to the elaborate inner workings of life that are always organizing on our behalf. The story of Chris Thornley, co-founder of Squirrel’s Nut Butter (SNB), and the guest of this week’s YTP, exemplifies this idea that life is on purpose and that we are always exactly where we need to be in any given moment.

Chris grew up in Cool, California, where adventuring in the woods and connecting with nature is commonplace. One day, young Chris and his brother Craig “coincidentally” set up camp on the Western States endurance run course on the weekend of the race. As runners came by, the boys inquired about where they were going and, in that curiosity, welcomed themselves into the ultra-endurance world. As the purpose of life would have it, Chris’s brother, Craig, is now the race director of the famed Western States run while Chris finds himself providing a front-line defense for athletes by producing the world’s best all-natural, anti-chafe and restorative skin salve. A business that was born from a mission of love.

Through what Chris calls the Circle of Five – desire, focus, connection, patience, fulfillment – he is steadfastly paying attention to his contribution and expansion as a human and business owner. From running his first ultra-marathon as a kid to getting sober to his solo adventures down the Colorado River, Chris continually drops introspective wisdom throughout the show. We are grateful that we followed the call to reach out to Chris and for all of you who support the show each week. Get over to Patreon and catch up on episodes of the YTP Mini, we are getting great feedback on the episodes already posted and would love to know who and what you want to hear.

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