Episode 327: Alon Sitzer, Plant-Based Physician On His Journey To Find Truth

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Dr. Alon Sitzer is a board-certified family and lifestyle physician calling his patients to higher levels of health as he guides the healthcare industry back to a relationship-building partnership of wellbeing.

Dr. Sitzer is the founder of Empowerment, based in West Newbury, Massachusetts, providing family, lifestyle, and spiritual medicine virtually and in person. Empowerment is one of the growing number of private practices that have moved away from the traditional insurance-based model and into a patient-first experience.

Dr. Sitzer intends to inspire, motivate, support, and encourage people to become proactive about their health needs and foster a sense of Self-Compassion, Care, and Kindness.

He believes that the body is an amazing creation that knows how to heal and that healthcare is genuinely a self-care process.

He is also one of the wonderful doctors offering patient care through Plant-Based Telehealth, and we’re so honored that he is spending time with us today.

We hope you enjoy the show.

In this episode we discuss:

  • the reality of living in Tel Aviv during war
  • a life parallel to The Alchemist
  • asking for signs and guidance
  • finding what you love most in life and making it your profession
  • the choice of becoming a doctor
  • the intention of getting to know the patient
  • plant-based potlucks
  • keeping patients on track through community
  • making health care more human
  • be the captain of your ship
  • unconditional love allows us to feel safe, to be honest
  • you don’t have to be perfect to begin making healthy choices
  • working through indecisiveness
  • finding truth on the way to Taos
  • spiritual medicine
  • embracing where life leads you

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Episode 327 Show Notes:

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