Episode 321: Jocelyn McCauley Professional Triathlete Is Strong, Powerful And Relentless

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Just because you find your thing does not mean that the waves of life cease; in our experience, finding purpose tends to kick things up a notch because it keeps calling us to more. And with that, we traverse more, more intensity but also more joy, and that’s alright because there’s something about finding your thing that makes it all feel purposeful.

BJ and I were super excited to dig into the story of our guest today because she is not someone who ever intended to be competing in triathlon and certainly not at the level at which she competes today.

Jocelyn McCauley is just coming off a loaded spring after taking the win at Ironman Texas in April and placing 12th at the World Championships in St. George, Utah.

Jocelyn competed in her first half Ironman just ten weeks after giving birth to her first child and turned pro the following year. She is no stranger to victory or failure; she has navigated it all over her seven years of racing professionally.

We go deep in this episode and how you take away something to put into action in your life today.

In this episode, we discuss.

  • racing gravel & her Unbound experience 
  • putting health ahead of finish lines
  • self-forgiveness to moving on
  • is triathlon a selfish sport?
  • a commitment to being your best
  • spokes of her wheel
  • gain experience and train your brain
  • takeaways from Ironman WC in St. George
  • coming back after 2nd child
  • monthly cycle doesn’t need to mean the world is over
  • doing the mental work to race strong at Kona
  • powerful words to ground you in the moment
  • strong, powerful, relentless
  • mantras, journaling, and meditation to train the mind



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