Episode 270: Adam Sud On His Failed Escape From Pain And Groundbreaking Perspective On Recovery

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This podcast is where we share stories of people looking, finding, and living their purpose. It sounds so glamorous, so lucky for those who have found it, but I speak from experience when I say the road to purpose can be messy and scary and, in most cases, will bring you to your knees more than once.

Our guest today is Adam Sud, and he found his purpose through the brink of death. Almost losing his life in 2012 through an attempt to end his life at the hands of drug addiction, disease provoking food choices, and the denial that he had the power within to rise and be his own solution.

Thankfully, he was unsuccessful and today is a transformed individual spreading awareness of living a plant-based lifestyle and coaching others to know the inherent wisdom of their bodies and the undeniable healing power of love.

Adam survived his suicide attempt, lost 180 pounds, reversed diabetes, got sober, and now lives the demonstration of what it means to overcome the odds. Adam’s story is shocking, inspiring, sad, hopeful, and another notch in the well-told story that we have everything we need when we conjure the courage to take charge of our life and, in doing so, wake up to our innate worthiness in this world.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • everyone’s story is one of self-love
  • the moment his body became his adversary
  • taking 450 – 1000 mg of Adderall per day
  • the things we choose to believe have consequences
  • what if your body has always been your ally
  • groundbreaking study on addiction recovery
  • the meaningful bonds of life
  • depression as your body’s grief for not living life as you should
  • the problem with identifying ourselves as broken
  • be willing to have faith in yourself
  • be truthful and not shameful for it
  • redefining addiction recovery



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