YTP #13: Detachment: Lessons of Not Racing Ironman Lake Placid, the Warrior Path and the Power of Self-Reflection.

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BJ had done the training, his nutrition plan was dialed in and his mental game was on point more so than ever before, he was ready. He was ready to race Ironman Lake Placid July 24th, 2016 and put to the test the months of sacrifice, strength training, endurance preparation and daily meditation. He was putting it all to the test as he had put himself to the test day after day after day to follow his love for long distance triathlon in pursuit of his goal to qualify for the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii.

He rolled into taper with a confidence many athletes rarely experience. He knew the hay was in the barn, he was solid race material and his competition would surely be challenged in the wake of his presence on race-day. Except that never happened because he never made it to race day.

Less than a week before the gun went off and Mike Reilly wished thousands of athletes to have the best day of their life, BJ’s focus was drastically shifted from the success he envisioned for months to a violent stomach virus that was the unstoppable force that led to his starting line demise. Like the flip of a switch, everything he worked for was taken away, again.

It was just two years ago, at this very race that BJ was not able to start due to a life transforming back injury sustained in the wake of caring for his dying dog and best friend, Harry. It seemed like a dream, like it wasn’t happening and certainly as though it shouldn’t be happening. But it was and we both felt its power over us, the wanting of resistance and an open road to darkness, sadness and upset. All of it available, ready and waiting except he was not. He was, as he had been saying almost daily leading up to IMLP, awake and ready.

What I witnessed over the course of that week was sheer mastery in the making. BJ was unshakeable, he was a warrior and he was walking the ever so uncomfortable path of a true YogiTriathlete. He faced it all with strength and grace, he was mindful and he was detached. And what I was seeing was not for just my eyes, everyone around him was seeing his inner strength radiate out as he stood strong in the wake of his re-route to be in service of those around him.

BJ opens up, I mean WAY up about this experience from the moment of becoming ill up through his future plan of attack. I’ve known my husband for over 20 years and I have never been more impressed with him than I am in this episode. He exemplifies the progress of practice and the road to mastery. There is so much gold in this installment that we’re pretty sure multiple listens are in order. This is us, raw and honest and we hope you take something away to further your path to mastery in this life.


Episode 13: Show Notes

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