Podcast 68: Ask the YTs on Two Ironmans in Six Weeks, Standing Up to the Fight and Detaching from Goals

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A warrior is someone who is always ready for battle but never a threat to their community. One who is awake and ready. A person who is willing to see how they move through the world and someone who does not run from vulnerability but embraces it as a powerful stepping stone in the process of self-growth.

Today BJ and I share our warrior stories, news from our battlefield of life – the joyful, the intense and the dark, as in the case of Jess’s recent universal butt kicking. We play catch up this month to fill you in on what’s happening in our world and how we’re navigating the challenges that we are encountering on our path of purpose.

BJ is less than two weeks out from Ironman #2 of 2017 and we dive into his recovery and ramp up for Ironman Wisconsin. Jess opens up about a very difficult time that she was asked to navigate in her life and admits that she wasn’t always on the winning side. We talk about the importance of being a beginner and we take a listener question on how to detach while still setting goals in life.

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Episode 68 Show Notes:

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