Week #8 Ironman Training

Week #8 Ironman Training
February 26, 2014 Jess

I started off this week surprisingly sore from the 10K I ran on Sunday, my lower legs felt fine but my quads and hamstrings were COOKED!  Tuesday was the height of the soreness which is typical of DOMS, delayed onset muscle soreness and my legs clearly needed some extra attention.  I listened and in lieu of cooking, decided on take-out from the restaurant down the street, vegan pad thai.  I used the extra time for one of my favorite self care treatments – hot castor oil packs.  I slathered the thick oil on my legs, massaged in with deep flushing strokes then wrapped them flannel from old pillow cases. I tied a heating pad around each leg and secured with a cloth napkin.  Although strictly prohibited by the warning on the heating pad it was the only way to keep my legs sufficiently wrapped. Plus, this isn’t my first rodeo when it comes to strapping heating pads or ice packs to my body.  For the next 20 minutes I let the healing properties of the castor oil sink into my muscles and when I unwrapped them I felt an immediate difference.  The next day my soreness was reduced to almost nothing except for a super tender right hamstring thanks to the breast stroke kick I was gifted while sharing a lane during Monday’s swim.  Honestly, I don’t mind taking a few punches or kicks, it’s all a part of the adventure and frankly, practical race simulation but maybe this time I could have done without it.

Training was light the first few days of the week but kicked in on Thursday with my first Tabata workout on the bike followed by hill repeats on the run.  Although I felt lingering fatigue throughout the week I napped when I could and pulled off all my workouts feeling strong.  My motto during weeks like this is “never underestimate the power of a 10 minute nap”.  Making time for recovery is paramount, self-care and rest make all the difference to my training.

As social retirement requires, we had no plans moving into the weekend which allowed us to focus on our biggest days of training. In the warmth of Sunday afternoon, after many hours of swimming, biking, running and yoga, BJ and I rested in our rocking chairs on the front porch with the pups and some hot tea.  It’s in those moments of complete surrender after working our bodies hard that we reflect on our journey and the upcoming experience of racing our 2nd Ironman together.  It’s in those moments when I am reminded that everything up until is exactly as it was supposed to be, it all makes sense and this understanding only furthers my trust in what is to come.  I have gratitude for it all, the challenges and the celebrations – I wouldn’t trade this life for anything. Namaste.

Week #8

1200 yd swim
75 min vinyasa yoga
1h 25m Z2 ride
20 min recovery run
2800 yd swim
50 min recovery bike
15 min recovery T run
45 min tabata bike
45 min hill repeat run
75 min heated vinyasa


2100 yd swim
25 min recovery run
60 min vinyasa yoga
2 hr 50 min Z2/Z3 bike
20 min Z2 T run
60 min recovery bike
75 min heated vinyasa
72 min Z2/Z3 run


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