Week #6 Ironman Training

Week #6 Ironman Training
February 10, 2014 Jess

We are in it.  We are heading towards the block of no return.  Next stop, finish line.

I’ve been here before.  This is where life starts to break down to 4 things: sleep, train, eat, work.  Social retirement, self-care and never more than an arms reach from our yoga mats. Overall training load is on the rise, we are fatigued but feeling strong.  I feel more present than ever with the journey and the excitement is starting to build.  We are planning our early season training weekends, one of which will be to Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, NY.  Gene Bauer, co-founder and President, finished Ironman Lake Placid in 2013, so we’re hoping he’ll point us in the direction of some beautiful training routes.  Or better yet, join us!  As much as there is too look forward to my largest task continues to be my presence, staying in the now with each pedal stroke, foot strike and breath.

When I returned from Lake Placid last summer, 2014 registration in hand, I told Meditator Bob.  One of my biggest cheerleaders and challengers, he quickly proposed the idea of racing it in a state of om.  This means to race in state where I am connected to my deepest being and tuned into the universal vibration. That sounded awesome to me, I love a self-realization challenge and MB knows that.  So since that day, I’ve been working towards that goal.  Currently, I’m training up to 15 hours a week which includes 2-3 heated power yoga classes and meditating up to 5 hours a week.  I have entered the realm of the 10 minute nap and have been spotted wearing crazy outfits in public.  Foam rolling is a daily activity even it if is for 60 seconds.  A couple of mad deep rolls, paired with some deep calming breaths usually does the trick in a pinch.  I have also come to realize that I need to bust out 2 early workouts on most mornings plus my meditation so that I can be in the kitchen each evening preparing that night’s bounty.  A task I enjoy very much.  It has come quite apparent that Beej and I are training for the same Ironman but we are finding our groove.  The support is in full force.

Training for this distance will test you in every way and really tear you down but it reminds me that I am capable of anything.  What I have also found is that meditation will test you in every way and really tear you down but reminds me that I can do it all with grace. It doesn’t mean that I won’t suffer out there on race day.  I will suffer but to what extent is where it all comes together for me.

So here it is, last week’s workouts.  Wednesday I stayed in bed all day with minor head cold symptoms and low energy. At first sign of sickness, I shut it down.  An acupuncture session on Thursday and front loading on rest provided me the strength to finish up the week strong.

Week #6 Recap

1700 yd swim
1h 35m Z2 ride
20 min recovery run
1h 35m z2 bike
60 min heated vinyasa


1600 yd swim
56 min z2 run
60 min heated vinyasa
2hr 40 min z2 bike
45 min z2 run
65 min recovery bike
45 min Z2 run



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