YTP #28 Angela Hubbs: NYC Fitness Guru On Being Far Greater Than Our Muffin Tops

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“You can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.”
-Jim Carrey

Like Angela I grew up idolizing fitness personalities like Jane Fonda, Kathy Smith and Denise Austin. I ached over the bodies, faces and the season’s freshest looks in magazines like Teen, Seventeen and, the very edgy for its time, Cosmopolitan. And like Angela I grew up thinking that if I could just look a little more like the girls on those pages that I would be happy. But like Angela what I found out is that it was all a big lie. No matter our size, shape, skin color or hair texture we will always be who we are. And no matter where we live, we will always be where we are. It’s not until we learn to love ourselves completely that we will ever find true happiness in life.

Angela has lived in Alaska, Georgia and Iceland. She has been a size 14 and a size 4. But it wasn’t until she found her now home in New York City that she started to embrace all of her beauty, talents, gifts and flaws. She’s been in the trenches of being a human being and she’s risen above. Now she is living her passion and purpose by helping others to do the very same.

Angela has been in the fitness industry since she was 15 years old. At the time a size 14, she was a lifeguard until one day when the water aerobics teacher didn’t show up. Angela jumped in the pool and taught her first exercise class. Since then she has taught everything from yoga to spin, meditation to sculpt. She earned her personal trainer certification when she landed in NYC and now primarily works virtually with solopreneurs to get them out from behind their desks and moving. Angela also offers workshop and retreats, she is a public speaker and is recognized as the most inspiring fitness personality in New York City. Her energy is contagious and to spend any time with Angela will leaving you wanting more.

An animal lover in its truest sense, Angela is admittedly “so close to being vegan” and is deeply disheartened by the horrors that animals regularly experience in our food system. In this episode we chat about her almost vegan lifestyle, her rude awakening when she became a size 4 and some deep insight into the fantasy sold to us by the advertising industry.

This episode is power packed and full of life. Angela is an absolute love who is dedicating her life to serving others in a way that helps people embrace the inner perfection that is already present within us. Let us know what you think, please share the podcast with friends and family. It’s growing every week because of you and we are in deep thanks to everyone who plugs in each week to the YTP.


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