YTP #18 Wyndy Kate Reese: Healing the World through Holism, Healthier Schools and Walking the Earth without Shoes

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A little over five years ago, BJ and I crested the hill from downtown and landed our eyes on a discovery that would change our visits to Lake Placid forever. I understand that most people would not have seen the clouds part and the heavens sing for a health food store like we did that day but I believe we felt something greater because Green Goddess Natural Market is so much more than just a grocery store. It is a landing pad for wellness, a center for community education and a partner in the local schools to provide high quality nutrition for children.

Co-owners Wyndy Kate Reese and Tammy Loewy, birthed Green Goddess at the farmer’s market in 2004, and without much expectation for what it would become, they focused on selling prepared foods using the fresh, local fare. The word of their delicious meals grew fast and soon people were asking for more. The universe answered the call and in fall of 2007 Tammy and Wyndy purchased a natural food store in town to which they added the Green Goddess name stepping into their next phase to becoming the go-to grocers they are today.

Five years after opening their doors, they found their current location before the first shovel hit the ground. They worked with the developer to create their dream market and community education center which includes the Scape Cafe serving delicious vegan, vegetarian and omnivorous delights. Recent winners of the 2016 Small Business Person of the Year Award, Wyndy and Tammy are consistently reminded that they are on the path of universal intelligence to serve their purpose in the world.

Today we sit down with Wyndy to discuss the life of Green Goddess, their role in the community and the concept of all encompassing health. We reveal that Wyndy is not only an award winning business owner, she is also a Holistic Health Counselor, a mom and the first woman to hike all 46 hike peaks in the Adirondacks…barefoot!

In Wyndy’s honor BJ and I headed out the very next day to tackle Mount Jo, a popular local hike, sans shoes. What I can say is that walking on the earth, especially up and down a mountain, without shoes requires an acute level of mindfulness. Feeling the cool, soft earth under my feet was comforting and I was equally delighted and amazed at my ability to scale rocks with the natural no-skid feel of my feet. Although it may be our last trip to Lake Placid, that was not my last barefoot hike. We owe Wyndy for opening our eyes to this beautiful way of exercising and healing through connection with the earth.

After years of seeing Wyndy’s smile and feeling her welcoming energy at the store we were so grateful to steal an hour of her time to connect on a new level. I hope you enjoy this enlightening and kind conversation with our new friend Wyndy Kate Reese.


Episode #18 Show Notes:

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