Week #5 Ironman Training

Week #5 Ironman Training
February 3, 2014 Jess

Week 5, week 5…oh how you solidified yourself into my legs, my core, my total being. The steady fatigue that is 140.6 training has set in.  Anyone who has trained for this distance knows what I am talking about.  The fatigue that serves as a foundation for every future workout until taper which by the way, will be in July.  A fatigue that is equally as doable as it is telling that I am doing the work.  The fatigue that is pretty much necessary to push your body to do what I will ask of it on July 27th.  A fatigue that confirms just how ass crazy this situation I have found myself in for the 3rd time truly is, not to mention, inspiring, empowering and truth telling.

Another snow storm made for a ridiculously hard core run on Wednesday morning, which I timed perfectly after the storm started and before it ended.  Fresh, slippery and wet with lots of big cars passing way too close to me.  Again Road ID secured on my wrist insured that if anything went down, namely me, I would at least have a few phone numbers for my finders to call.

Overall, I continue to feel excellent, recover quickly and ready to tackle each day, each workout, each moment with as much grace as this little yogi can muster.

Week #5 Recap

1700 yd swim
1h 30m Z2 ride
20 min recovery run
1600 yd swim
56 min run
75min heated vinyasa
1h 30m z2 bike


1400 yd swim
35 min z2 run
60 min vinyasa yoga
2hr 30 min z2 bike
75 min z2 run
75 min heated vinyasa

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  1. Brian Gumkowski 10 years ago

    Love it! #3 and counting. Continually impressed at how you continue to just hammer it out, day in and day out. With yoga and massage, you’ll be tearing up River Road this summer!

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