Episode 419: Don’t Rush Your Life and Don’t Quit – May OH Show with Jess & BJ

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BJ and Jess are back with some awesome questions from the community on combining mindfulness practices with endurance sports—obstacles to adopting a practice and benefits for injury. They also dive into BJ’s build into Ironman Lake Placid and his history with this race. There is lots of gold, so please dive in!

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In this episode:

  • Taking possibilities to the very end
  • The culture of giving up
  • Palomar Shuffle ride
  • Fueling workouts with Blank Nutrition and The Right Stuff
  • Doing all the things to stay healthy
  • Round 2 Patagonia Yoga Adventure
  • Special Rhode Island Event – June 10th
  • The biggest obstacle for athletes and meditation
  • Nothing is outside of mind training
  • Pool clock as a mindset training tool
  • Flow state
  • Can a meditation practice help with injury and rehabilitation

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Episode 419 Show Notes:

Rhode Island event with BJ – Register Now June 10th, 6 pm at Rhode Island Power Yoga

Patagonia Yoga Adventure – February 15-22, 2025

YT podcast with Eli Hemming

YT podcast with Penny Slater on her 2nd place at IRONMAN Texas

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YT podcast with Renee and Philip
YT podcast with Philip Urso

YT podcast with Spiritual Warrior Davidji

YT podcast with Dr Alex Berger (Jess and BJ’s acupuncturist)

Detachment Video after BJ’s 2nd DNS at Ironman Lake Placid

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